Cuisine at
its best and 
from the heart

Restaurant at Hotel Post

It is well-known that a way to a person's heart is through their stomach. It is our aim that our culinary skills stay in your memory just as much as the wonderful, experience-packed days you enjoy here in Paznaun. Our team of chefs provide new daily taste explosions. We prefer things to be regional, yet are happy to experiment and in so doing, bring a few other nationalities to your creative plate. Always home-made and from the heart.

Always good, but always different

Every day look forward to a special 4 or 5-course menu, in which only the best is served. Head out with us on an exceptional gourmet journey, one you will remember for a long time to come. You will find lots of traditional dishes on our menu . However variety makes life more colourful and the same goes for cuisine. We bring colour to your plate with our innovative, creative menus, looking far beyond our own borders. And so nobody gets bored, every week there is the shared aperitif, with a 'flying buffet' or a taster menu, a food sharing evening, as well as different buffet and themed evenings. Be inspired and expand your culinary horizons with us. 

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Hand-picked simply
tastes better

Nature has so much to offer, practically throughout the year, from which a wonderfully delicious menu can be created. You just have to know when and which fruits, herbs and roots to pick and gather. Martin Handle misses no opportunity to gather elderberries and other berries to make home-made juices. And fresh wild herbs give his salads a tasty flavour. Mushroom season never goes by without Martin either. And he doesn't get the lingonberries from the shop, he gathers them in the wood right on the hotel doorstep. 

"Anyone who wants porcini or lingonberries in the winter, has to work hard in the summer, so supplies last out the winter"

— Manager Martin Handle