Our top 3 hikes

in the mountain summer

The snack is packed and the hiking boots are laced up. Over hill and dale, past glittering mountain lakes, idyllic forests and rustic huts. The summit is within reach. There are many great tours in Paznaun but here we would like to present our 3 favorite tours.

  • 1. Giggleralpe

    A moderately difficult hike with little elevation gain but a lot of descent and distance. With the train we go free of charge with the Silvrettacard to the Medrigalm in See and from there to the Versingalpe, where we strengthen ourselves with a glass of milk. We take the panoramic path to the Giggleralpe. When the alpine roses bloom it is true paradise here. But the descent from the alp to See is still far and you need some orientation.

  • 2. Berglisee

    No Paznaun vacation without a Berglisee photo on your Instaprofile. The crystal clear, turquoise lake invites you to linger and barbecue. The ascent from Mathon is steep and far, but the idyllic panorama is unique. The high trail to the Lareinalpe is another highlight and finally we can fill up our calories. From the Lareinalpe we return to Mathon. A great round hike

  • 3. Wiesbadnerhütte

    The journey and the toll to the Silvrettastausee and starting point of this tour is free with the Silvrettacard. A hike to the Wiesbadnerhütte is particularly rewarding because of the great view of the glaciers and the Piz Buin. The path over the Bieltal and the Radsattel is because of the large boulders rather for experienced but also the much easier normal path is worthwhile.