Summer in the *** Post Hotel See, Ischgl Hotel
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Summer Hotel

Hiking, Biking and more

Summer in the Mountains around See

Warm, sunny days, starry nights. Adventures around every corner. Welcome to summer in the mountains around See! Our personality is defined by the close company we keep with the mountains. And by the many invitations this environment extends in the warm summer months. Here, you can do anything (well, nearly anything) you want. Walking and hiking, climbing, mountain biking, taking the gondola up to take in the remarkable views, culinary excellence tours, … The Post Hotel at the heart of See provides the ideal base for summer adventure in the fresh Alpine air and sunshine.

  • Bild: Post Hotel See / Hotel Ischgl
  • Bild: Post Hotel See ***
  • Bild: Post Hotel See / Hotel Ischgl
  • Bild: Post See, Hotel Ischgl